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On-Demand Mosquito Control for your Entire Property

what is it

Exterminate Mosquitoes with the click of a button!

The Yard & Patio Mosquito Misting System treats your property with a mosquito-killing mist, operated via a wireless remote control for on-demand use.

The system is programmed to automatically activate at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active.

Regular maintenance is provided to ensure the system remains in optimal working condition.

Each system is custom designed and professionally installed to meet the specific needs of your property, ensuring cost-effective and efficient mosquito control.


what you can expect with the misting system

Custom Mosquito Misting System

We custom design every mosquito misting system to fit each properties individual needs. This allows for greater coverage of your property and more effective misting.

Automated Misting Schedule

For consistent control we schedule your misting system on an automatic timer to treat your yard at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes and other insects are most active.

On-Demand Mosquito Misting

With the click of a button you can spray your yard and patio before a special event or after rainfall. This on-demand feature allows for ultimate mosquito extermination power.

Continuous Maintenance Service

We perform regular maintenance on your mosquito misting system to ensure it is optimized. Continued maintenance will ensure a healthy system and effective mosquito control.

Parts and Labor Guarantee

All equipment installed and maintained on a regular basis by SkeeterCide come with a lifetime guarantee.

Helps Control Other Pests

Helps control other insects like spiders, flies, gnats, and most other common Texas Pests.


Yard & Patio Mosquito Misting System Parts

55 Gallon Drum

Motor Pumo

Automated Timer

On-Demand Remote Control

Nozzles & 1/4" Tubing


Typical Misting Nozzle Placement

Custom in-eave

Outside of the eave

Along fence lines (wood, metal, plastic, brick or other)

Underground with risers (flowerbeds, around pool, docks or other)


Professional Custom Installation

Systems can also be built with other insects in mind (spiders, flies, wasps, and other common Texas pests)

Certain larger properties with multiple buildings may require multiple systems (barns, docks, guest houses, other)

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