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Mosquitoes making you crazy?
we've got the solution

how it works

Monthly mosquito treatment for all season protection


Every 21 Days

We treat your yard every 21 days to ensure the repellent barrier never breaks down. The typically mosquito season and months that we treat are March through November, unless otherwise requested.

Complete Fogging

We use gas powered backpack fogging machines that spray your entire yard and patio. We treat from the eves to the foundation and from the flowerbeds to the front curb and to the back fence.

Dual Attack

Our mosquito yard fogging service works as both a contact kill and repellent! Don't worry if a mosquito makes it into your yard once it lands it will die thanks to the SkeeterCide 21 day residual.

Not Just Mosquitoes

Our mosquito yard fogging service reduces mosquito activity as well as the activity of other outdoor and indoor pests like roaches, ants, spiders, flies, fleas and ticks.


Stay safe and in control of your yard

Kills Mosquitos

The mosquito treatment kills mosquitoes on contact and reduces mosquito population and activity.

Family Safety

Our mosquito yard fogging solutions are safe for humans and domestic animals as long as the yard has been picked up and prepared properly and after proper drying time.

Mosquito Barrier

Our mosquito fogging treatment leaves a mosquito repellent barrier that lasts until the next treatment in 21 days.

Disease Protection

Mosquito yard fogging service helps protect your family from mosquito transmitted diseases like Zika, West Nile, Chikungunya.

Reduces Other Pests

Mosquito yard fogging treatment reduces or eliminates other outdoor and indoor pests like roaches, ants, spiders, flies, fleas, ticks and gnats.

Enjoy Your Yard

Our mosquito yard fogging service allows you to enjoy outdoor activities more often with less mosquitoes and pests.

what to expect

SkeeterCide's Mosquito Treatment Process


Initial Evaluation

With our mosquito yard fogging service you get a free initial evaluation of your property for mosquito breeding conditions that could be changed.

Complete Fogging

This service includes a complete fogging treatment of your entire property unless otherwise specified.

Granular Treatments

Our mosquito yard fogging treatment includes as needed granular treatments for low lying areas, other areas that hold water and drainage.

Mosquito Guarentee

Our mosquito fogging service includes a 80-90% reduction in mosquito activity satisfaction guarantee.

Getting ready

how to prepare for our yard spraying service

Make sure any gates are unlocked

Make sure your pets are safely secured inside

Make sure your pets bowls are turned upside down or put away

Make sure toys and other items in your yard are put away

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