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Misting Systems

Our designers will custom design a system to meet the needs of your home, business, event, wedding, party and much more.

The SkeeterCide system operates with a tank, pump and motor, automated timer, remote, ¼" nylon tubing, and specialized nozzles. A fine mist emitted from the nozzles at the touch of your finger tips. You can also set the automatic timer for dusk and dawn when mosquitoes and other insects are most active.  The wireless remote to the system is ready anytime with just a push of a button.

The 1/4" nylon tubing can be installed on the INSIDE of the eaves with our unique IN-EAVE design as well as on the exterior of the eave. The tubing if exposed can be painted to match the existing color of your eaves. The line can also be installed around your fence line, in flowerbeds and even in trees to create mosquito safe zones.


System Includes: 

  • 55gal Drum 

  • Motor 

  • Pump 

  • Automated Timer 

  • On Demand Control 


Line Locations

  • Custom in-eave       

  • Outside of the eave

  • Along fence lines (wood, metal, plastic, brick or other)

  • Underground (flowerbeds, around pool, docks or other)​

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