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Why Skeetercide

Expert exterminators With even better customer service

At SkeeterCide, we prioritize exceptional communication, maintaining an open channel with our customers, including reminders and updates via text and email regarding their service status. Our team consists of licensed expert exterminators who continuously advance their knowledge through education courses and certifications, driven by a commitment to provide relief from pests. Additionally, our unmatched customer service is rooted in our hands-on approach and community involvement, treating every customer with the care and respect they deserve as part of our community.

our process

Mosquito Fogging & Pest Control Made Easy


Inspect & Identify

Not every pest requires the same extermination solution. Our team will do an initial inspection of your property to identify the pest or pests that are a problem. We will then formulate a plan specific to the pest and your needs.

Identify Your Pests

Propose Your Solution

We will then formulate a plan specific to the pest and your needs. We take an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach to our pest control solutions.

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Perform Treatment Plan

We will carry out the initial pest control extermination treatment as specified in your plan (usually during our initial visit) and then schedule you for future treatments

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Common Pest Control Questions We Receive

These are the most common questions we receive, but we get a lot more! To see all of the common questions we receive, check out our full FAQ page.

What organic options do I have for mosquito control?

Will the mosquito fogging truck kill pollinators?

Is mosquito truck fogging harmful to people?

How often should the mosquito fogging tuck spray my street?

How fast should a mosquito truck spraying my streets drive?

How should I space mosquito misting system nozzles?

Nozzles should be placed 8ft-12ft apart depending on landscaping and conditions for good mosquito control. Spider system nozzle spacing should be roughly 5ft-6ft apart for best control.

Is a mosquito misting system effective?

Yes, installed correctly with the right spacing, nozzle location, chemical and misting schedule for your property’s needs.

How long do I need to stay inside after a mosquito yard fogging treatment?

After treatment you should stay inside until the chemical is completely dried so you are safe to enjoy your backyard. (Average dry time 20min - 40min)

Our Services

Full Service Texas Pest Control

Mosquito Yard Fogging Service

We fog your yard for mosquitoes every 21 days so that you stay protected from mosquitoes and the diseases they carry. Get a free phone estimate today!

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Pest Control Services

We have the pest control experience needed to exterminate common Texas Pests. Each pest solution is customized to your specific pest needs.

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Mosquito & Pest Control Program

We treat the inside of your house and then fog your yard so Texas Pests don't stand a chance. This interior and exterior coverage is a game changer!

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Mosquito Misting System

Our custom designed mosquito misting systems allow for on-demand mosquito fogging at the click of a button. We install and service so you can sit back and enjoy!

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Mosquito Control

We have Mosquito Fogging equipment to service the unique needs of our communities. Our Trail Fogging units have the capability to get off road and to kill mosquitoes at the source! Parks, Fields and Trails we take the fight right to the source!

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Commercial Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are every where, even at the work place. We have custom mosquito fogging & misting solutions for all types of commercial properties & businesses.

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Wildlife Control

If Texas wildlife have invaded your life we can help. Call now to get rid of your wildlife problem. Ask about a wildlife exclusion service so you can rest easy that the wildlife of Texas won't become the wildelife of your living room.

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Misting System Parts & Products

Check out our mosquito misting system store! Custom build a mosquito system for your property or purchase parts to fix an old misting system.

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