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“MOSQUITOES ARE MAKING ME CRAZY”! This thought isn’t far off for most people living in mosquito ridden climates. The word "mosquito" is Spanish and Portuguese for "little fly". Mosquitoes are so small that they are able to sneak up, suck your blood, and fly off before you even know they are there. Mosquitoes can also transmit certain diseases into your blood during their contact, making them a deadly threat to some areas of the world. To protect your own little piece of the world we have a few things you can do to eliminate conducive conditions for mosquitoes. Check out these sanity saving tips.


  • Trim your shrubs and trees regularly

  • Mow your lawn regularly

  • Clean your flower beds

If you already have a mosquito fogging service, trimming the shrubs allows for the fog to reach farther into the bushes and trees. If you don’t have a mosquito control service this can still reduce the amount of places for mosquitoes to live.


  • Make sure gutters are draining properly so they don’t hold water.

  • Ensure potted plants drain and don’t hold too much water.

  • Have a yard drainage system installed if your yard holds water.

  • Fill in lower parts of the yard with dirt to eliminate places that the water will retain.

  • Don't over irrigate your yard.

Mosquitoes breed in water so reducing any water or moisture on your property can reduce the amount of mosquitoes that will reproduce. Water can be anywhere and everywhere so this process may take some time and a few rainy days.


  • Again, make sure gutters drain properly.

  • If gutters are not draining it is because they are not being cleaned regularly.

Gutters are prime breeding ground for mosquitoes especially when they get clogged and fill with water. Keeping your gutters clean benefits the longevity of the gutters as well as reduces your mosquito population. It is a win win, except for the work it takes to actually clean the gutters…


  • Find a local and reputable mosquito control company to fog your yard. If they are good they will discuss the above issues with you and be able to target the mosquito at different points in its life cycle.

Check out for more information.

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