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Did anyone notice how cold it got in Texas a couple weeks ago..? OF COURSE WE DID. We all froze our walls off!! Literally, the remnants of walls are being tossed out of Texas homes in almost every neighborhood. Frozen, flooded or burned, these walls couldn’t stand up, leaving tons of work and plenty of openings for pests to get in. SkeeterCide has provided some post-winter tips to help ensure your home stays pest free.


If you experienced damage from the winter storm you probably already did this step. Even if you have already looked, look again. Pests can sneak into your home through cracks in the stone, chipped window panes, or open slots underneath doors. Roof damage or loose siding can also be entry points for sneaky invaders. Look for signs of water damage like discoloration or drooping/sagging areas.


Put away all holiday and seasonal decor. Check everywhere in your home to make sure no pests snuck in with the decoration boxes. Attics and basements are two prime spots, as well as any areas where your home utilities are kept. Damp areas like basements are a draw for insects like silverfish and spiders, while attics are prime spots for nesting animals like rodents. Clean out pantries and behind things you haven’t moved in awhile to help reduce insect pests. Thoroughly dry or replace all areas that were affected by water from damaged pipes. Pests love moisture.


Even though there may not be much of a yard left to maintain you still need to clear away the dead leaves. It is likely your plants will come back if they have strong roots but the dead remnants will only help breed bugs. Bag all dead leaves some of which you may need to cut right off of the plant. Piles of dead leaves can become moist and breed mosquitoes as well. Make sure the bags get put out with the weekly trash.


After the winter thaw, pests are on the lookout for the essentials like food, water, and shelter. A way to keep these creatures out of your home is to be mindful of how you store their potential food source. Keep your food stored in air-tight containers, including pet food, and all trash receptacles sealed. Clean up dishes and spills quickly, and make sure your outdoor garbage (dumpster or trash can) is closed.


The transition to spring often means dealing with a lot of moisture: rain, snow, runoff, and overflow. Pests are drawn to water. Check for things like leaky pipes, blocked gutters, and pooling water. While you can’t help how much it rains (or snows once a year) be sure to keep your gutters clean and maintain your plumbing. Many of us in Texas are getting new plumbing thanks to bursting pipes. Make sure your pipes are installed by a professional so you don’t have moisture and pest issues later.

PROFESSIONAL HOME INSPECTION Companies like SkeeterCide will come perform free inspections to look for pest entry points. They will also be able to give you an estimate for the cost of trapping existing animals and then sealing up their way in. The winter storm was harsh. Don’t make summer harder by ignoring any of these issues. Clean, Inspect, repair and seal to ensure a pest free season.

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