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I P M 

SkeeterCide Mosquito Control is always using IPM ( Integrated pest management ) methods which is an approach that integrates practices that are environmentally friendly for control of pests. IPM aims to suppress pest populations below the economic injury level or health concern.  Mosquito control in the Houston area is very important due to the many health problems that can arise from mosquito born viruses. 

  1. Bird Baths & Garden Pots Holding Water

  2. Drainage 

  3. Low lying areas in the yard

  4. Gutters holding water or dirty

  5. Tall grass or heavy foliage

  6. Ponds 

  7. Ridge vent leaks or improper screening

  8. Dirty pool

  9. Lawn tools or kids toys 

  10. Tires or trash cans

  11. Dripping hoses or AC dipping

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